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About Us

Dalasetur is located in Unadalur in Skagafjörður, in proximity to the charming village of Hofsós. The gravel road leading from Hofsós is around 5 km long and runs deep in the valley and there are 3 guesthouses and a coffeehouse that stand on a tiny piece of land called Helgustaðir. 

located on the same site is another house and few more structures. Our goal of building up a retreat so that our guests can enjoy their stay. We purchased the land in 2000 and from there we have expanded our property with trees and plants. 

Dalasetur was opened 1 of July 2022 after roughly 3 years of building. 3 of June 2023 we opened a coffeehouse in a greenhouse which is called DalaKaffi where we make freshly Icelandic traditions cakes and pastries, we will also make some delicious soup and a good cup of coffee. DalaKaffi will only be open in the summertime and is open to the public.

Our plan for the future is a new hot tub area for the guesthouses where our guests also have the option of booking a massage or book a yoga session in the same area. Our main priority is for you to enjoy your stay and be able to fully relax and recharge your batteries. We hope that you will arrive to us as a guest, but you will leave as our friend. 

The tranquil valley where Dalasetur is located is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the Icelandic countryside from a bright and beautiful log house. One can experience the outdoors of North Iceland through nature where one can go for a hike on neighbouring mountains, play frisbee-golf, sauna or just absorb the natural sights from our hot tub located beside the river. 


We are two people who run this place and we are excited to welcome you and your loved ones to Dalasetur. 


Daníel Þórarinsson

Stefán Óskar Hólmarsson

Yogi (The Dog-Manager)

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