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Arrive as guests

 Leave as friends

Dalakaffi is open from 12:00 - 18:00
Closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays
(June - August) 

More information on Dalakaffi

Each guesthouse can accommodate up to four guests

The guesthouses has one front entrance that connects with 6 person table dining area, full kitchen with the most necessary household appliances. The sofa bed is located in front of the TV in the innermost corner of the living room. There are two bedrooms and one is bigger than the other. Two people can sleep in both of the bedrooms and two on the sofa bed. The bathroom is well spacious with a toilet, sink and a walk-in-shower.

Private massage

Gift cards

We offer gift cards for Dalasetur and Dalakaffi.

We offer a massage for our guests. When you arrive to Dalasetur, you can get more information about our services and what time fits best for you.

Let us make your day more relaxing!


Dining and activities we recommend trying


10 minute drive

The Hofsós Swimming Pool

The Hofsós Swimming Pool is fast becoming one of the best known pools in Iceland as well as the most popular tourist attraction in Skagafjörður.


10 minute drive

Retro Mathús

Retro Mathús is a cozy and warm restaurant that serves unique food and something for everyone to choose from. The building is called Baldurshagi and is over 100 years old and has a lot of history. Our guest get 10% discount.


30 minute drive

Oldest stone church in Iceland

Hólar Cathedral is the oldest stone church in Iceland, constructed in 1763. A number of historically important items are on display.


10 minute drive

 Convenience store / petrol station

At KS in Hofsós is open all year around.

There you will find a convenience store, N1 petrol station and refreshments.

Who we are and what we stand for

Our main priority is for you to enjoy your stay and be able to fully relax and recharge your batteries.

Our goal is that you will arrive as a guest, and leave as a friend. 

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